When it comes to the workplace, there are many things to consider. Now more than ever, finding the right team or manager to work with can be equally as important as finding the right job. People are tired of being mistreated or enduring office drama that takes away from the important work at hand. It can be hard to perform well when you feel like you don’t have a stable ground to stand on. This is why certain employment laws have been put into place. More specifically, employment discrimination.

Employment discrimination is when an employer mistreats an employee or even someone applying for the job based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a veteran. Interestingly enough, there are two types of discrimination that are prohibited by the law. The first is disparate treatment. This pertains to an employer’s actions directly to someone. For example, firing someone for talking about pay differences between other employees. You are allowed to talk about your pay with anyone without penalty. Paying women less than men for the same work is a form of employment discrimination. The other type of discrimination is disparate impact. This is when employers put in policies or practices that appear legitimate but actually try to negatively impact or remove a particular group of people. An example of this would be, requiring tests that do not relate to the job yet still removing a targeted group of applicants. Regardless of the type of employment discrimination, you deserve to be treated fairly by everyone.

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