Call 911 and explain there has been an accident and if injuries occurred.

The 911 operator will send police and an ambulance to the scene. Find out if you or anyone else might be injured. This includes any passengers riding in your vehicle or any other parties involved. And make sure that your location is safe. The police will write a report of the accident, when they arrive, and it should help you in filing an insurance claim later.


Seek medical attention

Emergency personnel, if called to the scene, will make emergency care and transport available, as necessary. If not, it is still recommended to see a doctor or go to a clinic, or emergency room since it is the best way to receive appropriate treatment for car accident injury. The medical visit provides another form of accident documentation, and how badly you might be injured.


Take lots of pictures if possible

If the other party’s car hit you, this is especially important.  If you are unable, ask a friend or a witness to do for you. If you are able, note or photograph what kind of car the other person was driving their license plate number as well. Taking pictures has become quite easy with smartphones. Take photos of the damage for all the vehicles involved, if possible. This can help determine liability for the accident if there are images of the arrangement of the crash.


Do NOT take responsibility or accept fault for the accident.

The police ask each party what happened and write up an account of each person’s story of the accident to include in the police report. They will also take statements of witnesses. If there were witnesses, ask them for their contact information, too. And, do not discuss a settlement.


Stay at the scene until the police say you can leave

It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident that you were involved in. Leaving could cause you to be not only ticketed, but also fined or potentially convicted. Once the police have your statement and you have everything that you need, ask them if you may leave.


Finally, contact your insurance company claims department as soon as you possible

The sooner you report an accident, the better, especially since you and any witnesses will remember details better closer to the time when the accident occurred.