When you are trying to resolve conflict, mediation may be a better solution for you than going to trial. Mediation has many benefits that make it a better option for issues that are easier to resolve:

Financially Helpful

Mediation services are usually much less expensive than going to trial. When you choose mediation services, you are likely to drastically decrease your payment and cost.

Quicker Settlements

When you choose litigation over mediation, you may only be able to get a court date up to a year later. However, mediation offers a much faster solution that will resolve the conflict quicker.

Outcomes That Will Satisfy Both Parties

Mediation works to resolve the issues for both parties, so if both parties are interested in resolving their problems, they are more likely to be satisfied with the mediation results than the litigation results.

Higher Rate of Success

If both parties can agree on solutions to their problems, they have a much higher rate of success than if they had gone to court. Court will naturally divide the situation, making conflict difficult to resolve. When mediation is the option, everyone involved is more likely to comply with the terms of the compromise because they agreed to them.

Custom Made Agreements

When you choose mediation over court, you will discuss your disagreements to attempt to compromise on a mutual agreement. This will help create an agreement that will be custom-made to fit everyone’s needs.

Preserve Relationships

Mediation allows both parties to address their concerns and desires in a low-conflict environment. Because of this, relationships are less likely to be strained and ruined because you will compromise for the betterment of yourself and the other person.

No Loser

During mediation, there is not one winner. Mediation allows for both parties to compromise on what they feel is important and their wishes. A plan that will benefit both parties will be decided on, ensuring everyone is taken care of.

Mediation has many benefits that make it more appealing than a long, drawn-out court case. If you are considering mediation, call us today at (615) 893-1134.