Premises liability cases occur when an individual becomes injured at a property due to the property owner’s negligence. If the property owner knew about the hazard and did nothing to mitigate it, it may result in a premises liability case.

Unfortunately, some miss the opportunity for justice when suffering such an incident. Some people do not file a premises liability case because of embarrassment, time commitment, or simply because they are unaware if they have a case.

A typical premises liability case is a slip-and-fall accident. One reason some individuals do not file a lawsuit against the property owner is because of embarrassment. No one wants to draw attention to a public fall, especially in a crowded area. However, if there was negligence on the property owner’s part, the injured person deserves justice.

Some individuals may not hold the property owner accountable for their injury because of the potential time commitment. For example, you or a friend may think you are better off handling injuries on your own, but when the adrenaline of a fall wears off, what you thought was a sprained ankle may turn out to be a broken leg. If the property owner is at fault, you do not deserve to be saddled with expensive medical bills—a genuine premises liability case is worth the time and commitment.

Finally, if a person becomes injured at no fault of their own, they may not know that filing a premises liability case is an option. You often focus on the pain when you become injured, not filing a lawsuit. That is why knowing basic laws and rights is so important, even if you are outside the legal field. Knowing your rights as a citizen makes you less likely to be taken advantage of in a premises liability case.

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